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The Wave Maker • A3 giclée print

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The inspiration for this watercolor painting came from a local legend (Olhão, Portugal) and its protagonist, a mythical being named Arraúl. He was the last surviver of Atlantis and created the islands of Algarve all by himself by carrying the soil from a nearby mountain (Cerro da Cabeça) to the sea. It is said that he built a subterranean city in the caves of that mountain. Arraúl lived as a seamen and grilled sardines underwater! He was so strong he could raise huge boats and their crews with one hand and with the greatest of ease.

This is a giclee print (made from an original indian ink and watercolor painting) on CANSON Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310g fine art paper, with archival quality inks — the best possible quality! When taken good care of, it can last for 100 years. Includes a white border for easier framing.

Signed and numbered edition.
Size: 11.7 × 16.5 in. /// 42x29.7cm (A3)

©Joana Rosa Bragança

Joana Rosa Bragança is an artist and illustrator based in Olhão, a resilient town located in Algarve, Portugal's southernmost part and a kingdom without a king.
Coming from a timeless multiverse, subtly and humorously dappled, her characters are greatly inspired by living beings — plants, genuine people and peculiar animals — and often heightened by local tales.