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Isaura • soft sculpture

150 EUR80 EUR

This listing is for one soft sculpture, the lovely light blond girl named Isaura. Her top is made of a genuine vintage fabric sample from the 70's!

Soft Sculpture Collection: Number #6

Approximate size: 33 cm // 13 inches tall

All fabric characters come with a round tag which is a small personalized portrait, a little ORIGINAL watercolor that is signed and numbered on the back!

Each fabric character is unique, handmade by me without the use of sewing patterns. They are made freely, little by little, like a sculpture! In them is contained a whole past of watercolors and illustrations that now come to life in the world of volumes! Each one has its own personality and magic that are born while I'm making them. Some of the fabrics used are vintage or recycled. These soft sculptures are very delicate and must the handled gently, therefore they're not suitable for very small children.

© Joana Rosa Bragança

Joana Rosa Bragança is an artist and illustrator based in Olhão, a resilient town located in Algarve, Portugal's southernmost part and a kingdom without a king.
Coming from a timeless multiverse, subtly and humorously dappled, her characters are greatly inspired by living beings — plants, genuine people and peculiar animals — and often heightened by local tales.