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Boy with Sweetheart Plant • A5 print

20 EUR

A boy holds his beloved Sweetheart Plant (Philodendron scandens) on his head! I guess the leaves are an extension of his thoughts.

This illustration is part of a series about plants and their caring owners. Take a look at the shop and you'll find more of these. They'll look great together on the wall of any plant lover!

This is a high quality print (made from an original ink and watercolor painting) on 100% cotton rag Hahnemühle 190g fine art paper with archival quality inks. When taken good care of, it can last for 100 years. Perfect for framing.

Signed and numbered edition.
Paper size: 5.9 x 11.7 in /// 21x14.8 cm (A5)

© Joana Rosa Bragança

Joana Rosa Bragança is an artist and illustrator based in Olhão, a resilient town located in Algarve, Portugal's southernmost part and a kingdom without a king.
Coming from a timeless multiverse, subtly and humorously dappled, her characters are greatly inspired by living beings — plants, genuine people and peculiar animals — and often heightened by local tales.